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Meet the New PMA

Compact. Portable. Powerful.

Portable Methane Analysis 
Made Simple.


Lord William Thomson Kelvin —

Nearly all the grandest discoveries of science have been the rewards of accurate measurements …

Some of Our Partners

Compact. Sensitive. Cost-Effective.

Nikira Labs' scientific instrument product development & commercialization roadmap is geared towards enabling stakeholders to address some of today's most urgent environmental challenges: from global warming to neighborhoods' air quality measurements and industrial fence line emissions monitoring.

Our Vision is to be an Indispensable Partner for a Healthier Environment. Our Mission is Quality Scientific Measurements, Anywhere, Anyone.

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Our Products


Ethylene Oxide Analyzer

Nikira Labs' Ethylene Oxide Analyzer is a next generation instrument for accurate measurement and monitoring of EtO at the fenceline.


Methane Leak Detectors

Nikira Labs' Methane & Methane/Ethane portable analyzers enable Advanced Mobile Leak Detection (AMLD) to keep residents and the environment safe.


Semi FAB AMC Detection

Nikira Labs' open-path analyzers detect NH₃, HF, & HCl in real-time to ensure the FAB yields are at their best.


Nikira Labs has been an ideal partner in designing innovative and customized gas analyzers for the semiconductor FAB applications that were specified and requested by our marquee manufacturer in South Korea

- HiPurity Corporation, GYEONGGI-DO, South Korea

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