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Narural Gas Leak Detection

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) notes that “Natural gas has many qualities that make it an efficient, relatively clean burning, and economical energy source. However, the production and use of natural gas have some major environmental and safety issues to consider.”

In fact, Natural Gas contains predominantly methane (CH₄). It is the fugitive emissions of methane during exploration, production, processing, storage, transmission, distribution, and heating/cooking use that is causing a serious damage to the environment. This became of major international and regulatory concern.

Methane is estimated to have a Global Warming Potential of 27-30 times larger than that of CO₂ over 100 years. Allowing emissions of CH₄ to continue unabated will result in a rapid rise in temperatures and commit our planet to warming for centuries. CH₄ emitted today lasts about a decade on average in the environment, which is much less time than CO₂. However, CH₄ absorbs much more energy than CO₂. The net effect of the shorter lifetime and higher energy absorption is reflected in the GWP. The methane GWP also accounts for some indirect effects, such as the fact that CH₄ is a precursor to ozone, and ozone is itself a Greenhouse Gas (GHG). Given methane’s relatively short lifetime and high GWP as compared to CO₂, it is an ideal target for emissions reduction with short-term palpable environmental impact; hence, the COP26 (Glasgow 2021) climate summit’s target to cut methane emissions at least 30% by 2030 in order to keep the 1.5°C temperature limit within reach. Otherwise, without action, we may face 3.5ºC of global warming with catastrophic consequences for health, coastal communities, food, ecosystems and more.

Detecting, reducing, and eliminating such methane leaks and accurately quantifying its fugitive emissions are currently a major challenge for the natural gas industry. Nikira Labs offers a suite of complementary solutions to help oil & gas operators, gas utilities companies, leak survey contractors, and the environmental justice community at large detect natural gas leaks and quantify emissions quickly and affordably. 

Our handheld and mobile CH₄ detection solutions provide several advantages:

  • Simple to Install & Easy to Use

Nikira Labs’ offers both Handheld and Drop-and-Drive systems. The latter, the Portable Methane Analyzer (PMA), can be placed in any vehicle without modifications. These products are compact, battery/inverter powered, and turnkey. You’ll be up & running within 15 minutes detecting methane leaks!

  • Fit-for-Purpose

We offer both a handheld and a mobile CH₄ analyzer version to be used in your choice of vehicle. With Nikira Labs’ solution, you do not need an expensive multiple component setup with research grade, overperforming, and pricey analyzers and software packages. Nikira Labs’ gas leak detection solutions provide fit-for-purpose methane leak detection capabilities at a fraction of the competitors’ price that adequately meet your needs without draining your budget.

  • Complementary

The Nikira Labs Handheld Leak Detector (HLD) is complementary to other detection methods such as aerial imaging, satellite, drone, or LiDAR detection methods. Our very affordable HLD can be used on the ground where leaks are reported using aerial methods to pinpoint their exact location so that fast corrective actions can be initiated.

  • Open-Source

The Nikira Labs solution utilizes open-source software to identify and verify leaks. This means that you get to keep your data, understand the analysis, add layers of customized data analytics, and still save a considerable amount of money.


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Nikira Labs airborne analyzer


Nikira Labs Methane HLD in action

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