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Methane/Ethane Portable Analyzer (MEPA) 

 Fast, accurate measurements for multiple use cases of NG leak detection in a field-deployable & AMLD form factors.

Methane Emissions Suffocate Our Environment.

  • Methane (CH₄) is estimated to have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 27-30 times larger than that of CO₂ over 100 years.

  • CH₄ lasts less time in the atmosphere than CO₂, but absorbs significantly more energy.

  • Without action, we may face 3.5ºC of global warming with catastrophic consequences for health, coastal communities, food, ecosystems and more. 

Photo is for the Interstate and Intrastate Natural Gas (NG) transportation pipelines that contribute to the global methane fugitive emissions. NG leaks are uniquely characterized by the presence of ethane that the MEPA can detect with ultra-high sensitivity.


Ethane is Characteristic of NG Leaks That Claim Lives.

  • Ethane is a component of natural gas, which is used in everyday life to power up most household appliances and heating utilities.

  • Natural gas is distributed via gas pipelines in urban infrastructure en route to residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

  • Leaks emanating from the NG transportation and distribution pipelines can pose a fatal threat given the heightened risk of accidental gas explosions (San Bruno, CA in 2010).


Methane & Ethane Detection

Made Simple.

Vehicle-Mountable for AMLD or Stationary Deployment for Site Monitoring    Next-Gen Analyzer for Real-time Detection of Natural Gas Leaks.

  • Mid-IR Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy (CEAS).

  • Vehicle-mountable for AMLD.

  • Outstanding Precision and LoD.

  • Built-in GPS.

  • Built-in WiFi.

  • Sub-30 Watt power use - Option for battery power.

  • Compact & Light.

  • Infrequent maintenance / No calibration required. 

Real World Applications


Figure: Source attribution in Mountain View, CA. Peak height is proportional to detected methane. The detected ethane percent proportional to methane is color encoded. Blue areas on the left are from repurposed landfill while red peaks are from natural gas pipeline.


What Is The Advantage of Detecting Ethane?

Ethane is uniquely present in natural gas.

Biomethane produced from landfills/sewage/cows does not contain ethane.

Natural Gas pipeline leaks can be flagged with ultra-sensitive ethane detection.

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