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Semiconductor FAB Gas Analyzer

Real-time, Mobile Measurements of NH₃, HF, & HCl in the FAB Environment


The FAB Explained

Contaminants in the FAB

Ammonia (NH₃), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), and Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) are gases commonly present in trace amounts within the Semi FAB environment. Those trace amounts can adversely impact the product quality and diminish yields; they also represent an occupational health hazard. Our high-performance FOUP-borne IoT analyzers will continuously detect & quantify these three gases in real-time, while on-the-move to maximize the wafer yield & boost the FAB QA/QC.

FAB QA/QC Made Simple.

Our next-gen AMC analyzers for real-time, high-precision, mobile measurements to ensure that the entirety of the FAB environment is always at its best.



Our FAB AMC Optical Analyzer Features:

  • ICOS / CEAS Open Path technology

  • Mobile AMC Detection

  • No Carry-over or response time delay

  • Measurement range of 1ppb- few ppm

  • High-Precision: order of ppb (1σ, 1s)

  • Fast 1Hz data rate

  • Ultra-light weight

  • Touch screen display

  • Built-in WiFi

  • Battery-powered

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