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Portable Methane/CO₂ Analyzer (PMCA)

Fast, Accurate Measurements for Soil Flux & Survey Chambers Applications

Hands in the Soil

Soil Flux Applications

Soil Flux Measurements Made Simple.

Our PMCA offers a broad measurement range for both CH₄ & CO₂ to quantify soil flux emissions & is compatible with soil chambers.

Meet the new PMCA!


The PMCA's Ergonomic Portability

The PMCA is Nikira Labs' Portable Methane & Carbon Dioxide Analyzer designed specifically for Soil Flux Applications. With an identical ruggedness to the Portable Methane Analyzer (PMA), the PMCA fits in an ultralight 9" x 6" x 3.5" enclosure that merely weighs 5 lbs.

PMCA vs. PMA: What's the advantage?

The PMCA detects & measures CO₂ in addition to CH₄. The CH₄ measurement precision & dynamic range remain identical to the PMA specs.

The PMCA is the ideal companion for your soil chambers' applications!

With its ultra-portability & battery-powered operation while delivering the application-specific needed performance, the PMCA is the ideal choice for your in-field Soil Flux applications.

For simple & powerful methane & carbon dioxide measurements for soil chamber applications, check out our Portable Methane/CO₂ Analyzer (PMCA).

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