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NEW: Research And Development Scientist


Interested in building scientific instruments?  Looking for a hybrid between academia and industry? Want to tackle some of the biggest and most important problems?  Like being on the steep end of the learning curve?

This is the perfect opportunity for you! Nikira Labs Inc. is looking for a scientist who wants to develop, design, and build instruments that make a difference in this world.


Duties and responsibilities

  • Originate new analytical techniques (e.g. tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy, cavity-enhanced spectroscopy, data analysis methodologies…) with a focus on laser spectroscopy and other optical methods

  • Build prototype and commercial instruments from scratch - including mechanical, electronic, and software subsystems

  • Test prototypes and other instruments to determine their analytical performance

  • Deploy prototype instruments with customers and provide instrument demonstrations

  • Develop new data analytical methodologies to analyze instrument data

  • Rapidly improvise practical solutions when problems arise

  • Work effectively with a small, agile team


  • M.S. or Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Applied Physics, Physical Chemistry, Laser Spectroscopy, or other related discipline

  • Extensive experience in fabricating new analytical instrumentation

  • Laser-based optical spectroscopy (specifically tunable diode laser absorption spectrometry)

  • Scientific Python programming, including instrument control, data acquisition, data analysis (curve fitting, statistics, noise filtering…), and data reporting

  • Interfacing hardware to a variety of software platforms

  • Person should be willing to adapt to changing situations. Should be able to come up with practical, comprehensive solutions when problems arise.


  • Graduated with a degree at time of application

  • US Citizenship

Preferred Skills

  • Python programming for scientific applications

  • Data visualization

  • OriginPro

  • IGOR Pro


 Working conditions

  • Comfortable working in a laboratory environment

  • Willing to travel and deploy instruments with customers

  • Desire to work on a small, focused, multi-disciplinary team

Engineer or Applied Scientist

Nikira Labs Inc. is actively seeking an engineer or applied scientist to join our team and help develop novel instruments for environmental, industrial, academic, and military customers. The ideal candidate will have a M.S. or Ph.D. in manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, applied physics, analytical chemistry, or a related field. Preferred qualifications include extensive experience developing, building, and modifying scientific instrumentation. Experience with optical spectroscopy, data analysis tools/strategies, optical modeling and scientific Python programming are also preferred. 


Nikira Labs welcomes college interns. We have several exciting scientific and engineering projects that help you develop your skills and further your career.

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