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Portable Methane Analyzer (PMA)

Fast, Accurate Measurements of Methane in a Portable Form Factor.

Landfill Methane Emissions Are Slowly Choking Our Planet.

  • Municipal landfills are one of the largest sources of methane (CH₄) in the US.

  • Responsible for an estimated 14.3 % of total CH₄ emissions due to municipal solid waste decomposition (food scraps, yard trimmings, paper material).

  • Landfills emitted a total of 3.7 M metric tons of CH₄ in 2021, equivalent to about 295 million metric tons of Greenhouse Gasses/GHG (CO₂ equivalent, or CO₂e tons), according to EPA estimates.

  • This is as much GHG pollution as from 66 million gas-powered passenger vehicles on the road for a year (about a 1/4 of all American cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks)

  • This is also as much GHG pollution as from 79 coal-fired power plants.


You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure.

Measuring methane emissions is the crucial first step to reducing, potentially eliminating those emission sources, and verifying that corrective actions are effectively working.

Portable Methane Measurements Made Simple.

Nikira Labs offers a suite of complementary solutions to equip environmental regulatory agencies & Environmental Justice communities allowing them to quantify emissions quickly and affordably.


  • Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy

  • Handheld or vehicle-mounted deployment

  • Measures CH₄ to < 10 ppb (1σ, 1s) 

  • Measurement range: 0 – 1 % CH₄

  • Packaged in a Light, Ergonomic Enclosure

  • Weighs ~5lbs (2.3 Kg)

  • Integrated GPS & WiFi

  • Battery-powered

  • Open-Source & customizable SW

  • Infrequent calibration required

  • Ideal in mobile, handheld, & airborne operations 

Portable Analyzer Application
Airborne Analyzer Application


  • Landfill Methane Emissions Quantification.

  • Coalbed Methane Measurements.

  • Natural Gas Leaks Source Identification.

  • Aerial Methane Surveys.


Questions? Need More Information?
Let us know about your needs and we will assist you. 

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